Razer’s premium Iskur gaming chair plummeted to Amazon’s new low of $350 (original price of $499)

Amazon offers the Razer Iskur gaming chair for $349.99. Match with Best Buy at GameStop. In contrast, this high-end solution is priced at $499 at Razer. Today’s offer marks a record low for Amazon. This deal was only beaten by a 1-day Best Buy promotion exclusively offered by Totaltech members (a membership of $200 per year, learn more here). If you have been looking for a high-end gaming chair or office chair, the deal on Razer Iskur today may be hard to ignore. It has “complete lumbar support” due to the fully adjustable waist curve. Razer chose multiple layers of synthetic leather instead of PU leather, which it believes is “stronger and more durable.” The dense cushioning throughout the process provides a kind of “puffy feel” that can be “shaped to support your unique body shape”.
If the pricing is still a bit too high for you, be sure to check out OFM’s leather gaming chair, which has a shipping cost of $98. It has the entire pad, can be rotated 360 degrees, when you need more space, the arm can be flipped up. The cushion is contoured and can be found not only on the back but also on the inside of the headrest and arms.
Since we are talking about gaming equipment, have you seen Logitech’s G915 wireless mechanical keyboard drop to $200? This is one of many other Logitech price reduction promotions, and they are easily available now, with prices starting at $30. Check out our guide to the best PC game trading to see what else catches your eye.

Post time: Nov-22-2021